Critical Thinking with Jessica Yarbro


Sometimes known as higher-order thinking, critical thought is a highly desirable skill in the workplace. Join us as we look deeper into what it is, why it's essential, and how we can effectively teach and assess this skill in the classroom.

11 months agoFebruary 20, 2020
I like this session
11 months agoFebruary 24, 2020
It's  very interesting that you joined the statistics of ice cream eating, as it happens in hot weather and people start swimming in hot weathers more. And so the sharks can get close to them more. But let me believe that in the USA beaches are still safe. Still, interesting thought about ice cream sales and shark attacks being related.
11 months agoFebruary 24, 2020
Please, how critical thinking is different for a scientist than for a business person?
Sifat Mukhtar
11 months agoMarch 9, 2020
It is very intersting hit weather and people start swimming in hot weather more.
10 months agoMarch 21, 2020
It is very informative especially the illustrations and strategies to understand what is critical thinking.
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