MyLab XL - Testing Online

Sister John
4 months agoApril 15, 2020
I know about browser lockdowns, and I know about disabling aids within a test, and I know about controlling access to a test by IP/location, and I know about requiring a user ID, but nothing I have seen in any MyLab webinars/presentations tells me how to prevent a student from picking up a calculator and using it during a test. I am probably asking for the impossible. The only thing I can think of is to require a student to take his/her test by appointment while he/she and I have a video session on (like ZOOM or TEAMS) so I can watch the student. NOT a good idea.
4 months agoApril 16, 2020
My university uses respondus which videos the student and marks in the video where the student looks away or down. May not be perfect but certainly discoursging.
Pearson Customer Success
4 months agoApril 23, 2020
Thank you for your comment.  Please email and we can provide additional assistance and tips to help you through this transition.
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